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Your bucketlist doesn't have to stay a dream forever

Creating moments that change your life forever

Do you - just like us - dream of travelling the world? Of discovering new cultures? 

Of making new friends and getting to know likeminded people? All while getting to know

yourself better, understanding what your passions and dreams are? And more importantly

getting closer to them through these experiences and adventures? 


Because that's exactly what you'll find at Live the Experience. 

Are you excited yet?


Take a look at our adventures and experiences! 



Live the Experience travels to Morocco with the hashtag #bieniwbienek. 

Bieniwbienek in Moroccan means 'between you and me'. With this hashtag the team looked for open secrets that our society really needs to know. The last storytellers created a campaign and photo exhibition that shows the hard truth between people of different cultures. What's next?

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Connect the dots

In this adventure our 'Storytellers' look for their own turning moment - their dots - and how they are connected.


While looking for answers in our own personal story, we also answer questions about how our society can be a place for everybody. With Connect The Dots we already travelled to Malaysia and Singapore. Zooming in on how their societies are housing so many different cultures, we wondered how they do it?

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Get out of your comfort zone

Once a year, we're going to De Ardennen with a group of likeminded people that have not met each other before.


We spend the weekend there, getting to know each other, feeding our soul and doing lots of activities that'll take you out of your comfort zone. Things like rock climbing, a high rope trail, wilderness drop and more.

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We're always looking for fun, new people to join our team. Are you fun, always on the lookout for adventures and 18-35 years old?

- Do you love thinking of and managing new trips?

- Does organising events make your heart tick?

- Do you want to be part of our family on a longterm basis?

- Do you still want to learn and grow while also helpen others to grow?

- Most importantly: are you the Indiana Jones we need to go with us on our adventures?

If your answer was 'yes' to most of these questions, then you're the one we're looking for! 


Hit us up at and we'll get in touch with you.  



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