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The why...

This is a blogpost about the goal of our adventure, why we wanted to take on this experience with enthusiasm, but this has got to stay between you and me. 

We are bitten by the travel but, there's no denying that. But our personal reasons for travelling go way beyond just enjoying the sun, but it's always nice having warm rays of sunshine there. We want to explore, to fill our backpacks with experiences and stories. And that's exactly what we'll be doing in Morocco. We're going to live the experience Moroccan style. 

Culture and diversity aren't a strange concept to us here in Belgium. There are more cultures here than we can count on our hands. That can sometimes lead to 'us' and 'them' scenarios. Something a lot of young people want to go against. We're also searching for an 'us'. A way to connect the different cultures. To not only take off the blinders, but to learn how to communicate with people from different cultures than our own. To be able to give an answer to the prejudices that live among us in our society. 

On our trip to Morocco we search for conversations that'll give us more and new insights, conversations that's expand our horizons and visions. Conversations with each other, but also with people we cross paths with. We look for inspiring stories and wisdom, but also great food and typical Moroccan idioms, just like Bieniwbienek. 

Along the way we want to learn how to better understand each other, to look for the things that connect us, but also the things that make us different. We want to go deeper than the surface. We want to challenge ourselves, confront ourselves, enjoy ourselves and above all, see how others enjoy themselves. (Small things of happiness along the way)

To listen, to tell and to discover. Looking for experiences, to take a step or two outside of our comfort zone. We look for things we have in common to show everyone that there are more commonalities than differences. 

'Everyone want to laugh.'

Let's agree on that. 

Let's say that that's what connects us to each other, in being human. 

That's what we believe in. That's what we take on our journey with us. And we will laugh, that's for sure. 


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