What is Live the Experience exactly?

We use this sentence a lot because it's true. Here at Live the Experience we're always travelling, we're always on a journey. 

We don't just organise or sell trips abroad, like your average booking website. We design adventures and experiences that empower you to to follow and create the life that you want.

We want you to grow and learn through the journeys we have together in group. We believe that travelling can be great for your personal growth and that experiencing ‘out of your comfort zone moments’ has a huge impact on who we are as a person.

That is why we strive to give you an unforgettable time if not, the time of your life!


It doesn't matter who you are or where you're from, there's a place for you at Live the Experience. 



Get to know the Live the Experience team

 Khadija is the crazy adventurer of the group. She has a weird sense of humor that'll make you smile

 and laugh instantly. 


Omar is an occupational full-time enjoyer of life and trips who loves playing Fifa on his PlayStation more than anything. 


Shelsey is our

 dog mom who has

 seen all seasons of Sex and the City,

is addicted to iced 

latté's and loves

eating pasta.


There's lots of ways to describe Amine, but the basics are: cool husband and girl dad, occasional 

handyman and lover of soccer.


Bouchra ​is our

 funny student of life. She is the meme queen of the group and will crack a joke in every story she tells you.


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